Update for the Outcast

Hey guys.  Just wanted to let you know that I’ve updated the archive to feature every RotO episode (aside from the missing one) onto the site and the feed. Also, here is a video update!

You may ask, “every episode?” Yup. They’re up there. Warts and all. I included the ones that show how bad I was in front of a mic, as well as ones that showcase a level of maturity in my language that makes me cringe. But I think it’s important for it to live out there because it shows the kind of progress that I’ve made.  I’m speaking for myself, since everyone else was pretty awesome and enlightened out of the box.

You can find each of us online doing all sorts of awesome stuff!

Geek Radio Daily
Sketches, Miniseries and Booze Review
Better Haunts and Habitats

Game Theorists

Ron and Janine:


RotO may not exist in a current form, but that doesn’t mean it’ll stay dead.  Hell, you never know what may come down the tubes, so keep subscribed!

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