The Boom Effect

Think the Jerry Lewis telethon with 99% less juggling.  And 100% less Carrot Top

This coming weekend (the 27th) I’ll be hosting a live webathon (telethon – on the internet!) to raise money for a little girl who lost her mother.  The Juggernaughts of Podcasting are coming together to set up a college fun for this little girl, so that way her father isn’t left with the burden of doing so on his own.

This charity event will be taking place online ( via ustream, and we’re uncouraging everyone to come out and participate.  If you can’t spare a few bucks, no problem.  We’re going to provide 5 hours of entertainment with guests, as well as an auction for nearly 80 special items.  See for a complete list.
If you’d like to be a part of our live studio audience, you can email, or if you’d like to make an appearance on the show no matter where you are from (audio or video), email

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