RotO V4 14 / 50 – the Pipe Cleaners

I was editing RotO 50, and one of my coworkers walked by my desk and said, “do you smell cheese?” One of my coworkers has a block at her desk since its potluck day. I looked up from my editing program, smiled at her and said, “You have no idea.”

How fitting for our 50th episode.

I know this is a long one. Earl and I tried to do enough to pull two episodes, and we succeeded. However finding stopping points without breaking the flow or content isn’t something we did. Soooooo, long ep. Hey, we were incredibly late on this one, and for that we are sorry. But it’s good stuff, and we hope you enjoy it. Thanks for sticking around for 5 years. Our sixth year promises to be our best. And we believe it. It gave us a ring and everything.

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