RotO V4 ep 49 – Talk like a Pirate Day 08

Greetin’s Landlubbers! It’s your old pal Capt. Stringfellow Hawk. Here is me yearly visit to your ipods and mp3 players. It be a short one this year, since I’m doing my part for global warming. Also, I was asked to pass on this little bit of info: The next episode will be the boys 7 year anniversary, wrapped into their 50th ep! They’ve got some special things on the board for ye, but then again those things may fall through and you get just a regular episode. Who knows!

I hope you enjoy my yearly foray into the world of podcastin’!

And in case ye be wonderin, the lovely tunes ye hear at the end are from the fine folks over at  Send some love their way, since I know you’ll be lovin’ the sweet melodies.

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