Guest Appearance on Voice of Free Planet X

Hey guys. Jared Axelrod is a good guy. He’s so cool, that when you meet him, you think, “Damn, that’s a cool guy.” I’m serious. I have first hand experience with that feeling. Not only is he cool, but he does cool things. He’s a hell of a writer, patient enough to show me how to play Hero Clix, and has helped me many times with bits for shows and whatnot. But now, it was my turn. As I am a huge fan of my own voice (hell, you guys know that), I was stoked when he offered me a chance to read a story on his show, the Voice of Free Planet X. I think I did a pretty good job, and I hope you’ll enjoy listening half as much as I did recording it.

And don’t forget to visit Jared at his site and make a comment on either this episode if you liked it, or any of his other episodes. He has a years worth, you know.

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