RotO 30 -Triumphant Return

Hey guys, its Rich and yes we did miss you folks. You guys have been very patient, and its paid off. We are back to our regular release schedule, and will be bringing you more content at the first of every month.

    1. – Because the web hits make him feel special

Nuri at the Artist Alley Podcast

    1. – Learning the convention side of art

Welcome to Hollywood at

    1. – It’s sad because they’re true

    1. – come on, buy something, already

    1. – over 3 million downloads and counting

    1. – finest audio books available

    1. – Hey, we’re up for 3, and tied into another


    1. – Amazing Podcast, sweet shirts. Buy one of theirs after one of ours.

Nina Kimberly The Merciless

    1. – Don’t make her angry. whatever you do, don’t make her angry

Voices of New Media

    1. – Buy it at least for the cover.

365 Tomorrows

    1. – Fan of short fiction, here’s your fix

Voices of Tomorrow

    1. – Companion podcast to 365

Voice of Free Planet X

    1. – Jarod is the man. Period.

20 Dollar Film Fest

    1. – come on. Just make something for it already.

GeekFu Action Grip

    1. – Mur is just the coolest.

The Seanachi

    1. – Best Storyteller ever


    1. – THE New Jersey Con

Adie from

    1. – Check out her kickass comic, Anthem. Not for the kiddies.

Austin Bragg from

    – Jesus Christ Supercop. Need I say more? I do? ok, great sketch comedy too.

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