RotO 27 – Voice Acting

Welcome to the new Year! Our first show of 2006 brings us in touch with the Voices we keep hearing. Not the ones in our heads, but rather the ones we hear in movies, tv, and podcasting. We’ve got an interview with THE Scott Sigler (“THE” in caps a contracted requirement since he’s the man), tips on voice characterization with Jeffrey Breslauer (who is so cool he worked with the Muppets), and a discussion about whether Face Actors are taking over from Voice Actors. Don’t forget to visit our forums, and be prepared for the full Sigler Interview, as well as a few other specialties coming down the pipe very soon.

Scott Sigler
Jeffrey Breslauer
Maria Bamford
Tee Morris – Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy
Geekfu Action Grip
Southern Ronin Productions – Butcher of Ballis comic
Sins of the Mother
Joseph Fagan
Aaron Sapp
Grave Escalation of War
20 Dollar


Mister Adventure
Moment of Serenity
Gamer Apology from ConCarolinas 2004

Full Sigler Interview

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