RotO 15 part 2

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Vader’s Employee Evaluation (

Rich: Winter flus suck. So do meddling kids, as I have been siding more with Scooby-Doo villians, since one of my lovely daughters accidently erased one of my favorite recorded segments of all time, FanFic Titles. But rest assured, they will return with four months worth next month!

I’ve been wanting to play Vader’s Employee Evaluation for months, since I am a huge fan of the Canadian comedy troupe Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie. Find it after Odd Topic. Also, the return of Free Download of the Month, and if you’re a fan of Dark Forces like I am, and have a copy of Jedi Academy, like I don’t, then you’ll want to download the mod featured in this months news. These guys put in a lot of good work into a good mod.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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