RotO 14

Feature Stories
1. News
2. Interview: “The Great LukeSki”
3. Interview: Kevin Hill, Propsmith
4. Interview: Gamers of the Hobby Chest
6. FanForce Website Reviews
6. Audio Releases

Star Wars Spoofs
Betrayed Federation
Stephen E. Cobb’s Bones Burnt Black
Star Wars en Direct

Rich: Sorry about the delay, folks. I’ve been hard at work on Janine’s Costuming Website, a comic book, audio drama, and more. This month was also busy for Ron and Janine, so we actually weren’t able to get together to record. But, we were able to do a quick intro interview with “The Great LukeSki,” with more to come in the future. I also unearthed an interview that should have been in the costume episode. I just plain forgot.

After I listened to those great parts, I realized that I just didn’t have enough show material, so I hoped down to the local hobby shop and found a gaggle of gamers and asked them 3 questions. Five hours later, I went home, with hurting sides from laughing. I only recorded an hour (had to cut out 30 of those minutes for content), and I provide you with an entertaining look at why people game.

And to round out the episode, we finally talk FanForce websites. I apologize that it took so long to put this segment in, as I had been looking forward to it for some time. I tried to be as fair as possible, but also critical.

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