RotO Special Edition 02

Rich: This was Janine’s baby. This was her first time at producing and hosting her own episode, and she did a tremendous job. The interviews spanned from Wilmington, NC, to ConCarolinas (Charlotte, NC) to Dragon*Con (Atlanta, GA). This episode did turn into a big 501st love fest, but they are the best costumers en masse. And they are also the most helpful. If you ever need help on making an Imperial costume, is the place to go, and if you’re working on a Rebel or Jedi costume, can help you out. And don’t forget your local FanForce. They often times contain many people that love to costume!

This month’s episode is brought with much Dave goodness. We had two special co-hosts this month. Davey Beauchamp (who is finally an official author of his own official book, officially) and Dave Anderson. Now, who is Dave Anderson, you may ask. And ask you may. He is the Garrison Membership Liason (recruiter) of the 501st Carolina Garrison, and was a huge help in our Special Edition #2, the “Costume Episode.” ROTO:SE #2 features interviews with Dave Anderson, Rick Stough and Shaun O’Rourke (Sins of the Jedi), Cherylin Lambeth (501st) and Derek AKA “Susan Lucci Pirate” (501st), and Cami Freeman (501st) and Albin Johnson (creator of the 501st). This episode also marks Janine’s producing debut, since she took the helm on the interviews and gathering of segments.

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