RotO 13

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3. Odd Topic: Tales from the Boards
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Star Wars and Beyond
Star Wars en Direct
Stephen E. Cobb’s Bones Burnt Black
Star Wars Spoofs
Special Sneak Peak: Hunted Relic

Rich: This episode was recorded right after recording our second Special Edition, the “Costume Episode,” produced and hosted by the lovely Janine Garner. We were tired, and I was worried that we were all burned out, but we harnessed the power of all of our peeps that were expecting a quality product from us, and we channeled that power into our humor and performance. That and caffeine. Lots of caffeine. Actually not all of that is true. Quality. [scoff] Ha.

Anyway, this episode features the seemingly ever-present Davey Beauchamp and a newcomer, Dave Anderson, a big timer with the 501st, who is a really funny guy. He was drowned out a little by Davey and Janine (big surprise), but you can hear him quite a bit in our Big Time Special Episode, the costume episode, coming out this same month. He was added to the roster this month when we bumped into him at a screening of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (a must-see). I added a little bit at the end of this episode that we’ve been sitting on for around six months, waiting for the right time to debut. It is our first leap into the realm of skits, and we hope you enjoy it. Enough jibba jabba.

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