RotO 12

Feature Stories
1. Round Table Discussion: “What’s in a Name?”
2. Interview: Shaun O’Rourke (Sins of the Jedi)
3. Fan Film Review Round-Up (see comments below)
4. Tales from the Boards: Luke, Mara, the Force, and Sex

Star Wars and Beyond
Betrayed Federation
Stephen E. Cobb’s Bones Burnt Black
Star Wars Fanworks
Nothing Changes

Rich: We recorded this episode way back on July 31, so we didn’t really have any current news. However, we bring you an action-packed episode of unparellelled quality! Well, we do review many quality fan films, like those wacky Jedi Preachers and Are You Ready? We also cover a couple that are superhero related (World’s Finest and ahhhhhhh, Grayson) because everyone loves superheroes. (Unless you have a weather changing device. Then maybe, not so much.) We also have a great interview with the multi-talented, and handsome to boot, Shaun O’Rourke of Sins of the Jedi fame. We had a quality discussion of the new moniker for Episode III. Oh yeah, we also introduced a new segment called Odd Topic: Tales from the Boards.

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