RotO 11

Feature Stories
1. Round Table Discussion: “Fan Film vs. Amateur vs. Indie Film”
2. Interview: Lee Wilson
3. Interview: Earl Newton and Joshua Smith (Fall of a Saga)
3. Review: Inside Report
4. Announcement: Upcoming FanForce Website Contest

Stephen E. Cobb’s Bones Burnt Black
Star Wars Fanworks
Betrayed Federation
Nothing Changes
Star Wars and Beyond

Rich: We dcided to speak on an interesting issue this month–the difference between Fan Films, Amateur, and Indie Film. Different opinions surfaced, and we hope will incite others to think. We also interview Lee Wilson, one of the staffers of the show that has to listen to the show to make sure everything is sounding smooth. We also took a look at a wonderful service that is Inside Report. And, of course, we included our interview with Earl Newton and Joshua Smith of Fall of a Saga, recorded at ConCarolinas 2004.

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