RotO 09

Feature Stories
1. Learning Tree Review Rebuttal (Nathan P. Butler, Second Strike)
2. Learning Tree Review Rebuttal (Keith Abbott, Rise of Nobility)
3. Galaxies Segment (Chris Bertsche)
4. Trek Switch Ad (Matt Evans)
5. Fight Choreography (with “The Stro”)

Star Wars and Beyond
Episode III Spoof
Betrayed Federation
Rise of Nobility
Star Wars Fanworks

Rich: I have so far enjoyed the process of the Learning Tree Review style (thanks for the name, Mo), feauting the rebuttals provided by the creators later. We’ve also got a couple fan-created bits, with our Galaxiessegment and a fan-made commercial. We spoke with the pro wrestler the Stro, who was an absolute blast, and whom we now consider a friend. Listen carefully to the commercials, as it looks like we’re going to be having some competition coming soon, with Robbie Chastain’s Star Wars and Beyond, available only at Star Wars Fanworks, the Home of Star Wars Internet Fan Audio.

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