RotO 07

Feature Stories
1. Word on the Street: Michael DeMeritt (1st Assistant Director, Star Trek: Enterprise)
2. News
3. Fan Mail
4. Learning Tree Review: Rise of Nobility and Second Strike
5. Interview: Sins of the Jedi Fan Film Creators Rick Stough and Shaun O’Rourke
6. Tagline Contest
7. Trivia Winner
8. Audio News

Betrayed Federation

Rich: This episode was originally going to have a lot more of our usual bits, plus a few more that were to debut this month, but with Sins of the Jedi purported to be released soon, we had to act fast. Taking the footage from 4 – 6 months ago, I was able to take over an hour of great interview and squeeze it into 30 or so minutes. We will be using the cut portions in later episodes, as they spoke about props and costumes and more. We will have segments/episodes that will focus on those to help our listeners in making their own projects. We hope you enjoy the latest installment.

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