RotO 04

Feature Stories
1. News about the ownership of the company
2. Return of Will the Disembodied Voice
3. Trivia Contest winner: Brian Young
4. Convention Information
5. Fanfic Releases
6. “Clone Wars: In or Out of Continuity?”
7. Interview: Chris Hanel
8. Round Table Discussion #1: “Can the fans carry on the legacy of Star Wars?”
9. Free Resource: Windows Movie Maker
10. Nezsis of Perpetual Lawnchair Productions: “10 Ways To Make Your Fanfilm Look Professional”
11. Web Resource:
12. Round Table Discussion #2: “What style of music should be used in fan projects?”

Star Wars: Anthology
Rise of Nobility
ChronoRadio: Serial Edition Contest

Rich: We’ve finally separated from our corporate sponsor and ownership is back in our hands! Will, the disembodied voice, has returned and brought his sense of humor with him. We originally were going to have Rick Stough and Shawn O’Rourke from Sins of the Jedi on this episode, but we felt that they would’ve just gotten lost in the mix. But we plan on including that interivew in an upcoming show because their project is one that everyone needs to know about.

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