Requiem of the Outcast Debut! – RotO 01

Feature Stories
1. Introduction to Requiem of the Outcast
2. FAP: Star Wars: The Musical
3. FlashTip: Streamlining Basics (Adam Bertocci)
4. Interview: Nathan P. Butler of Star Wars Fanworks
5. Galaxies Gaming Tips (Erica Strafford)
6. Free Resource: Musicmatch
7. Commentary: Promoting Your Product
8. FanComic: Jaxxon’s 11
9. Celebrity Interview: Richard LaParmentier

Star Wars Spoofs
Rise of Nobility
Run Leia Run

This episode introduced Requiem of the Outcast. This is my first time doing my own show, so nervousness abounds. Some show features where unavailable at the time of recording, and they will appear on other shows.

If you would like to comment on the show or have a commercial you’d like played, or a project you’d like mentioned, send me an email or link to a wav file that you recorded, or post in one of the official threads.

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