Everyone doesn’t love Raymond’s brother

From IMDB:

The leader of an Arab Anti-Discrimination group has offered to educate Brad Garrett on different cultures after the actor allegedly made “racial slurs” at a paparazzo.

The Everybody Loves Raymond star was caught on tape shouting at a photographer during a heated argument on Tuesday.

Garrett is apparently unable to understand the snapper, and shouts out that he should be addressed “in English!”

He then begins to point at his head, and is heard instructing the man to “Wear the turban! Wear the turban!”

Now the director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee has called for Garrett to take the time to learn about various ethnicities.

Nawar W. Shora tells RadarOnline.com, “We’d be happy to reach out to Mr Garrett and his crew to help educate him about the Arab/Muslim/Sikh communities. Sinking down to racial and ethnic slurs is very disappointing and highlights the need for a greater understanding.

“There’s so many stereotypes there and we’re at a time and place now where we should be past that.”

Wow. They reject Bin Laden but the Arab/Muslim/Sikh communities are actually claiming the Paparazi as their own.  Huh.