MiddleDVD coming this summer!

Anyone who knows me has heard me gush about the MiddleMan.  It was one of the few shows that I made sure to follow, even when I didn’t have time for it.  We always joked that the show was so good, if it had been on FOX, it would’ve been cancelled.  Sadly, those jerks at ABC Family did just that.  Perhaps the show was another victim of the writer’s strike, or just no promotion (most likely), but one of the most innovative, funny shows was lost last year.

But there is good news, on the MiddleBlog, Javi dropped this exciting news: The MiddleMan DVD is coming in July of 2009!  This is one show where I will be buying two copies of the DVD.  One for keepsies, another to loan.  Because this badboy will be passed around like Andy Dick at a Village People reunion special.