Cinemafreaks 0202: the Losers

0202Two eps?!?!  In the same month?!?!  Why yes.

Ok, I realize this flick isn’t in theaters anymore (unless your town rocks and has a dollar theater), but it was a fun movie. I really suggest you check it out. Here is Ryan and PRS waxing on about Losers. We also have a special guest appearance from Jared Axelrod who was so kind as to sit down with me to chat about comic book movies.

movie review 02 – Smokin’ Aces and the Big Nothing

A smokin’ pile of movie review with Sam and Lee. Go ahead and pull up your dentist on speed dial, the banter is sickeningly sweet in this latest offering from Outcast Multimedia. It’s Lee’s birthday and the Cinemafreaks are talking about Smokin’ Aces and the Big Nothing. Music is courtesy of the Max Allen Band.