Cinemafreaks 0202: the Losers

0202Two eps?!?!  In the same month?!?!  Why yes.

Ok, I realize this flick isn’t in theaters anymore (unless your town rocks and has a dollar theater), but it was a fun movie. I really suggest you check it out. Here is Ryan and PRS waxing on about Losers. We also have a special guest appearance from Jared Axelrod who was so kind as to sit down with me to chat about comic book movies.

Cinemafreaks 0201 – The Return of Cinemafreaks!

0201New Hosts | New Format | New Material!

Thanks for listening to the all new Cinemafreaks. We’re going to try to bring you two eps a month. One centered around television, the other around movies. We’re still working the kinks out, so we hope you enjoy what is, and look forward to what will be.

In this episode, our intrepid reviewers talk about what they’re watching on tv.

Spoilers: Castle, Flashforward, Justified.

And yes, I know that the album art says ep 202. Just pretend it’s part of Flashforward’s wibbly-wobbly, timey-whimey-ness.

Cinemafreaks 0200 – Celebrating Star Wars 2010!

starwarsStar Wars has been an influence in so many people, especially geeks.  So this Geek Pride Day 2010, PRS and SusanZ bring you our thoughts and feelings on the subject.

So All Hail the Flanneled One, for he was good once, yet why has he forsaken us?

Well, actually, the Clone Wars on Cartoon network doesn’t suck.

Oh, and did you dig that song at the end of the episode?  click here to see the video.  Seriously, breakdancing TK’s and Ewoks.  And a hot Leia.
God, I love being a geek.