Be Kind – Rewind: Jericho

jerichoCoverJust finished the TV series Jericho. I’d heard a lot of good things about it and decided to give it a shot.

I was unimpressed. The first season was brutal. Tons of soap opera acting. And the romantic ties for everybody were boring and telegraphed. It was Dawson’s Creek of the Apocalypse. The music was brutal. A score can heighten a scene. Music with words (every montage told the story of what was going on so literally I thought they were written by Randy Newman and sung by Chad Kroeger) only distracts. They at least figured out how to utilize the full complement of emotional stingers found in Garageband halfway through the season. The opening recaps on ever episode told you that there had been a nuclear blast because you’d forget a quarter into the episode as everyone was worried about who was banging who and who got the last bag of Cheetos.

The second season (much tighter but still meh) was shot and written like a mediocre fanfilm based on the crappier seasons of 24.

To me, the only good thing about the series was seeing Gerald McRaney acting again, plus DB Sweeney and Timothy Omundson as bad guys. Every time they were on-screen, I was hooked. Well, and I wanted to know what had happened to cause the nuclear explosions. Sadly, I knew what it was by ep 6. I guess I just kept hoping the series would get better. Sadly, all I could say after finishing the last episode was, “Aw, NUTS.”