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Podcastings’s RICH SIGFRIT The details of my life are quite inconsequential… very well, where do I begin? My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. Ok, so maybe that’s not completely true. At least the part about him being my father is true. He owned a hardware store in Sacramento, CA, where I was born. I spent most of my young life there, before the business went under thanks to all of the discount hardware shops (Home Depot and Lowes). So if you shop there thank you for ruining the family business. Actually, I meant that. I didn’t want to get into the hardware racket anyway, but if I had a hammer, I’d hammer danger all over this land. My Mother was a refugee from the land of Hasselhoff, Germany. She ran from her homeland to take advantage of this country’s lack of Fanta (great, its over here now and big time as the official Gap drink Watch the commercials before a theatrical release to understand that one), and the freedom to watch reruns of Knight Rider. My folks split up and I had a fairly dysfunctional upbringing so I was perfectly geared towards eventually having a comedy themed show later. I’ve lived in North Carolina quite a few times, and this latest time the longest. I’ve lived on the West Coast, the East Coast, perhaps one day the Mid-East Coast, but we all have dreams. But enough about Little Richard, now more about Big Richard.Having been told that I have a face for audio for years, I finally realized the medium I needed to conquer. After creating my own Internet Radio Show, and then bringing on Earl Newton (Southern and Stranger after the previous cohosts (Ron and Janine Garner) moved away, I began appear in various audio dramas, soon taking the lead in a few. I then began a new series, taking advantage of the writing styles of friend Davey Beauchamp (Amazing Pulp Adventures), as well as Thurman Blizzard (Campfire Tales). I have many more that I have either created or produce, which all fall under my company name, Outcast Multimedia. Various audio skits and dramas have been heard on ChronoRadio, Star Wars and Beyond, SwitchedOn Show, the Geeklabel Podcast and Dragon Pages’ Wingin’ It syndicated show, (plus countless guest appearances on other shows) of which I am very proud. As if this, three gorgeous kids and a job as a technical illustrator wasn’t enough, I also create websites for all said projects, organizations, plus has the script for a comicbook, shortfilms, and an eventual webcomic sitting on his desk waiting to be made. And a film festival. In my spare time, I sleep. I can be reached by my shiny email address:
ryanBioRyan Snell Is a stand up comic as well as a video game designer not to mention a fantastic Lover…….. of animals. He was born in Goldsboro NC where only until recently he moved out of his parents basement And he is available ladies! after you ring out your Panties you can check him out on tuesday nights at the Raleigh Downtown Sports Bar preforming standup and occasionally at Charlie Goodnights you can also check out the web based video games that has made him the mega millionaire he is. This is one of the video spots he did as well as Ryan is currently working on 3 video games to be sold by the end of the year, become his friend on facebook he only has like one billion friends he can squeeze one more in.
SusanZ Is our resident Cinemistress having studied film at NC State.
LEE CHEROLIS Abandoned soon after birth and raised by accountants, little Lee Cherolis grew up dreaming of one day doing someone else’s taxes. Then, one horrifically ironic day his entire flock of accountants was unexpectedly audited by the IRS. Due to a surprisingly fortunate, and little known section of the tax code, Lee’s surrogate parents managed to set him up for the rest of his life on a hidden trust disguised as a retirement account for an ageing circus performer named Zebulon Welles who made his living as “The Bearded Man With A Really Interesting Name.” Living comfortably on his government-subsidized wealth, Lee soon took up several hobbies to pass the time. Following up his interests in miniature representations of former UN Security Council members, a collection of rare felt swatches, and a membership in the Historical Breakfast Recreation Society, Lee discovered his hidden talent. While on a trip to New Deli, Lee tried enthusiastically to depict in hand-drawn pictures to a local insurance salesman (every culture has them) his sudden and desperate need of a lavatory, it became clear where his creative energies were destined to lead him. After telling his friends back home of his new plans to design and produce a catalogue of restroom signs, someone suggested he try cartooning instead. Struck by the blisteringly obvious rewards of untold wealth and fame that his new career promised him, Lee dedicated the rest of his life to cartooning. Lee Cherolis passed away quietly into obscurity last week at the age of 23, alone in his one bedroom apartment halfway through an Ease-E-Cheese and mayonnaise sandwich, having left his entire life savings of $23.77 American to his beloved cat Sir Whiskers Pembleton. Sir Whiskers has declined to comment.
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samanthakyleSAMANTHA KYLE Samantha “I’m Choking On My Pepperoni” Kyle is the third half of the elite podcasting trio known as the Cinemafreaks. All previous attempts to describe Miss Kyle’s exciting past exploits in a short biography or “Bio” have proven fruitless. Words fail at the mere mention of her name. Fonts literally melt off of your monitor screen. Camera film disintegrates, calves are born with extra legs, and a blood moon rises when her name crosses the lips of men.I dare not speak anymore lest my soul tarnish and my seed prove infertile.

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