The Old Spice Guy

isaiah-mustafa-240Iaiah Mustafa may be a name you don’t recognize, but you know what he looks like.  The handsome, suave betoweled man has been killing the airwaves with his sultry gaze for months, pimping Old Spice.  What’s he been up to lately? I’m glad you asked. He’s been steaming up the interwebs, taking a single, manly day to respond to tweets via YouTube.

Really?  Yes.  Want to know how it was done? Of course you do.

The level of quality of the videos is surprising, since it was done in somewhat real time.  But the shooting, editing, and acting isn’t the most impressive part.  It’s the writing. Over 80 videos crafted, each a piece of awesome filled with quotes that will stick in your brain: Monocle Smile!  Ever since the Bruce Campbell Old Spice commercials (Here and Here) I’ve felt their add department deserves awards, raises, and their own special case of unobtainium. Never mind the fact that the commercials are genius, they’re more viral than a Dr. Who themed lolcat dipped hand crafted from Dr. Tran, lovingly brought of the funny womb by NPH.

Check out the full list of response. He’s in a towel.

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