Responsibility in writing

Most people come to this site for the podcast.  Which I think is awesome, but I realize that fewer people come to check out any articles or quirky finds that will be featured here.  But I want you guys to know that I won’t make jokes or reviews trashing something just because it’ll make you laugh.  Oh, we’ll make jokes,  but not at the expense of the trust established between you guys and ourselves.  However, not everyone else shares this responsibility.


Pay careful attention to this portion of the article:

The Little Britain star was devastated when his former partner, Kevin McGee, was found hanged at his Edinburgh, Scotland apartment in October. The couple tied the knot in a civil partnership in 2006 before parting ways in 2008.

Notice anything in particular bad taste?  After describing that his husband was found hanging, they refer to their earlier wedding as having “tied the knot“.  Now, I know that’s a popular colloquialism, but using it in the article at all?  Especially the next sentence?  Ugh.  That went from the writer to the editor to possible a few other people, and now one noticed.  Maybe it’s because I have a twisted sense of humor.  But after showing it to a few other people, they saw it immediately as well.  I am sorry for the trouble that has befallen the talented Matt Lucas.  I loved him in Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire. And I’m very sorry for his loss.

To the media: there should be some sort of respect that is kept by those reporting the news.

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