Celebrating Star Wars 2010! Interview with Richard Leparmentier

admiralMottiHe played Admiral Motti in Star Wars.  He’s the only guy to be attacked by Darth Vader and Live.  He has his own action figure.  He’s also a really cool cat.

With appearances in movies such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Superman II, and Octopussy, he is an icon in everyman acting.

His action figure even has “getting choked” action.  Let’s see the David Carradine fig do that!
what? too soon?  sigh. ok, here’s info about the ep:

In anticipation of the return of the Cinemafreaks, I wanted to give you the opportunity to hear one of my first interviews.  This was done in 2003 at IQM 2, a small con in NC.  Richard LaParmentier was a blast, and I think you’ll enjoy it.

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