Cavemen the series

We’ve all seen the commercials for Geico. Pretty entertaining, actually. I’ve been a fan. Hell, I’m even a little hooked on the Royksopp song from the airport/moving sidewalk episode (wait, did I just say episode?) I just found out, thanks to that bastion of time wasters IMDB, that they are shooting a pilot for a television series based on the characters featured in the commercials.
Now, here is my problem with this. Could they make a show out of the premise? Sure. We’ve all chuckled at Encino Man, and Phil Hartman as an Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer was genius. But the issue isn’t about the material, but more the universe and format of it. They have a serious universe setup in the commercials. Granted the concept is ridiculous, but the universe is a very real, very consequence riddled universe. The entire point of the commercials is a comical look at racism and bias. But if you take this and add a laugh track, the juxtaposition of the serious advertisements vs the sitcom entrapments is a bit too jarring. But then again, the parody-like nature of the original Battlestar Gallactica vs the ‘uber thinking involved with watching’ current incarnation has done well. And many fans have followed suit, switching their brains from seeing Salena’s Pappi instead of Pa Cartwright leading the last surviving humans. So it isn’t outside of reason, just outside of probability.
I can only really foresee the Caveman having only so many possible episodes before the show jumps the proverbial Ichthyosaurs:
The Halloween episode where he keeps scaring the kids.
The Alf episode where some scientists try to study him after one of his buddies sells him for research.
And the inevitable pursuit of Geico to have the commercials removed. That could be a good back plot. Mythos episodes. Think of the X-Files episodes where Mulder tries to find out what happened to his sister. But what happens after he wins. Most sitcoms have a love interest that is the main chase for the show. Once that sexual tension is gone, so are the viewers.
Making good TV isn’t easy, but maybe a caveman can do it.

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