Ravencon ’07 and Other News

Hello All,

Rich Sam and I will be attending Ravencon ’07 in Richmond Virginia this weekend. We’ll also be collecting audio for the next episode of the Cinemafreaks due out in May. There are rumors this episode will feature live interviews with a couple of major characters from a certain Sci-Fi epic masterpiece that is celebrating it’s 30 year anniversary next month.

Be sure to check back here for con-goodies and stop by Rich and Davey’s radio serial podcast Amazing Pulp Adventures Starring Mr. Adventure . One of the things we’ll be doing at Ravencon is a live reading of a brand new Amazing Pulp Adventure which I assume will be made available to listen to at the Pulp Adventures site.

Have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “Ravencon ’07 and Other News

  • So… is there any chance Rich can do a full version of “My Humps” as Ahh-Nold, or Kirk?

    If so, Please put it in the feed. I absolutely hate the Black-Eyed Peas, but I like parodies of that song, since Alanis Morrissette’s hilarious video.

    Oh, and if there’re any more horrible rap lyrics that Rich (Or anyone else) can do with a celebrity impersonation, I want that, too!

    Umm, WE want that. We as in the fans. Right, Fans?

    FANS: Right, ComputerKing!


  • Yes ComputerKing, there is a good chance we’ll get Rich to do more rap lyrics. Rich’s celebrity voices are legendary in the podcasting world, and it is a very safe bet that you will hear him doing these and other voices in future episodes here at the Cinemafreaks.

    Thanks for visiting the site CK!

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