RotO: the Cinemafreaks Spec Commentary – Snakes on a Plane – Rated R

Hey guys. While we’re waiting for Earl to fix the technical problems we faced while recording rotO 34, I hit up a few friends to help me with my very first viewing of Snakes on a Mofo’in Plane.

Samantha Allen ( and Lee Cherolis ( are two badass ‘toonists that I met at Ubercon. Not only are their comics funny, but they are smartly drawn. To be honest, I’m more than a little jealous of their talent. See also
This episode is of course inspired and graciously syndicated to Hey, Want to Watch a Movie ( Visit Christiana as she brings in major Weblebrities in Podcasting as they goof on movies. Thanks for letting me play in your sandbox, Christiana.

ok. that sounded far dirtier than intended.

So get your drink, pop in the flick, and enjoy.

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