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March 8, 2008 by Thurman Blizzard


I was very excited and, yes, a little scarred that day when I went out to fly my first mission. Will also talk about some of my adventures on future flights. Next week I’ll tell about my “social life” in Denver and then my cruise to Okinawa.

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  1. Thurman R. Blizzard says:

    We have the same name. I was born in Jenkins, Kentucky on March 24, 1942. My father was a coal miner. An older brother of mine was eighteen in 1942, when I was 3 years old, and joined the army without telling my mother. I relate to a lot of things you mention, including the rooster with the spurs, and the scalding. We, too, took baths in mason tubs. I’d love to converse with you sometimes. Let me know if you get my emails. Thurman Blizzard

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